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[wr_vc_section_text]Gateway Delta is a private real estate development company specialising in the turnkey construction of accommodation for multinational corporates and retailers wishing to expand their operations on the African continent. For qualifying investors, Gateway Delta provides direct real estate exposure to high-yielding US-dollar denominated rental income streams and robust growth potential.

With the exception of some countries and metropoles, the development of commercial real estate on the African continent is largely in its infancy with assets in key nodes mostly being owner developed or developed specifically for international companies.

The opportunity for bespoke turnkey developments in select African countries was recognised by Greg Pearson and Bronwyn Corbett, founding members Grit Real Estate Investment Group (“Grit”). Founded in 2014, Grit is the largest pan-African real estate income group listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the Stock Exchange of Mauritius. Grit currently operates across seven countries, with direct investments in five asset classes and 25 assets valued at circa USD800 million.

Since Grit is not mandated to assume development risk, the founders incubated Gateway Delta to address the significant demand from multinational companies seeking quality real estate solutions on the continent and the limited supply of experienced developers to fulfil their requirements.

Gateway Delta is a private real estate development company with a permanent capital structure resident in Mauritius. The Company holds a Mauritian Category I Global Business Licence and develops and invests in the following real estate classes across the African continent (excluding South Africa):[/wr_vc_section_text]

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