Real Estate in Africa

Why Invest in Real Estate in Africa? The World Economic Forum has identified that, since 2000, more than half of the world’s fastest-growing economies are in Africa. Many countries on

Industrial Real Estate Development

Industrial Real Estate Development in Africa Africa’s real estate markets have traditionally lagged developed and many developing, economies but this is changing rapidly. The African continent has the youngest population

Real Estate Development Company

A Private Real Estate Development Company across Continental Africa Despite the impact of Covid-19 on economies across the world, Africa is still regarded by many as the last real opportunity

Invest in Commercial Property

How to Invest in Commercial Property in Africa The Covid-19 pandemic has ushered in a period of volatility that has left many in doubt regarding the reliability of traditional investment

Real Estate Developments

Find Out More About Our Real Estate Developments in Africa Investors and multinational corporations interested in expanding their footprint on the African continent benefit from the turnkey development, construction, and

Invest in Retail Real Estate

Why and How to Invest in Retail Real Estate Developments in Africa Although the Ukraine-Russia conflict and the related Russian sanctions have caused a ripple effect throughout the world, investing

Commercial, Retail And Industrial Real Estate In Africa

Environmentally Sustainable Developer of Commercial, Retail and Industrial Real Estate in Africa Many countries on the African continent are enjoying new property developments, but with limited resources, it is critical

Healthcare Developments in Africa

Healthcare Developments in Africa: State-of-the-Art Medical Facilities in Mauritius There is a demand for premier healthcare developments in Africa, as the lack of quality medical care is all too visible

Development of Commercial Real Estate

Development of Commercial Real Estate on the African Continent Africa has long been a continent plagued by economic, political and social conflicts, but over the past two decades stability has

Invest in Retail Property Developments across Africa

Top Reasons to Invest in Retail Property Developments Across Africa Global companies looking for opportunities to invest in retail property developments across Africa, can depend on GREA for managing construction