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Primary Reason for the Opportunities in Africa Real Estate

Shelter is a fundamental need for human survival, as are food, water, and clothing. The need to have a roof over one’s head is a core driver of the boom in the Africa real estate market. Africa is currently facing a severe housing crisis, resulting in rising property prices and the cost of rentals, in numerous cities and towns across the continent. As a result, Africa’s real estate market is becoming one of the hottest and most lucrative investment opportunities globally, providing entrepreneurs with a chance to profit in African real estate.

The proposition is simple; as the population increases, so does the need for housing and accommodation for the businesses and services that support the residential population. Presently, Africa’s population numbers over one billion and is projected to reach 2.4 billion in as little as four decades. Africa, the second most populous continent after Asia, has the highest growth rate worldwide, with a yearly increase of over two percent. In some countries like Niger, Uganda, and Equatorial Guinea, the population growth peaks at over three percent. Africa is home to the youngest population globally due to a combination of high birth rates and lower life expectancy than experienced elsewhere.

While high urbanization rates are typically found in Asia, primarily in China and India, African cities are presently growing at even higher rates. Currently, most of the world’s fastest-growing cities are in Sub-Saharan Africa. Gwagwalada in Nigeria and Kabinda in the Democratic Republic of the Congo ranked first globally. By 2035, Bujumbura in Burundi and Zinder in Nigeria are projected to be Africa’s fastest-growing cities.

Tap into Africa Real Estate

Africa real estate offers strong long-term residential rental opportunities, presenting one of the quickest ways to earn high returns. As Africa’s population continues to soar, the demand for housing continues to rise.  Investing in residential rental properties located in safe neighbourhoods that offer access to good schools, water, and public transport allows for lucrative, long-term, residential rental revenue.

There are also opportunities for contract flipping, which involves transferring the right to purchase a property to another buyer. The process entails signing a property sale agreement and then offering (flipping) the contract to a new buyer. In Africa, individuals can earn returns through what is essentially connecting potential buyers with sellers. Contract flipping is seen as an excellent starting point for new real estate investors. Aspiring investors can serve as intermediaries between property owners and potential buyers.

Africa real estate also provides high returns potential from real estate dealings such as lease options, short sales, holiday rentals, home renovation flipping, hard money lending and real estate exchange-traded funds and mutual funds.

High Returns and Low Risk from Industry Recognised Developer  

The establishment of Gateway Real Estate Africa (GREA) arose from the need for multinational corporations for premium property developments in Africa. Due to a scarcity of competent developers capable of meeting premium quality standards, an opportunity emerged for the provision of top-notch real estate projects on the African continent.

GREA boasts an enviable history of providing turn-key construction solutions, which includes the supply of contemporary office spaces that are of superior quality in Africa. Our exclusive multinational clientele can attest to our consistent delivery of high-yielding, US-dollar-denominated real estate investments. By unlocking the unexplored potential of Africa real estate, we offer exceptional investment opportunities. Contact us today to participate.

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