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The Need for Specialists Development in Africa 

Specialists development in Africa looks to addressing several unique needs and opportunities in the continent’s real estate sector. Africa is a diverse continent with a range of area-specific economic, social, and environmental conditions. This creates a demand for specialized property development. Specialists development in Africa caters for the continent’s unique needs and contributes to its economic growth, social development, and environmental sustainability.

Generally, developers focus on the more traditional segments of the real estate market and limit themselves to retail, industrial, healthcare, commercial and corporate accommodation developments.

The Historical Backlog in Specialists Development in Africa

The last two decades have seen significant changes in the African real estate space. Africa has a growing, youthful population and an emerging middle class. Specialists development in Africa can cater to specific market segments such as luxury housing, affordable housing, student housing, senior living communities, or eco-friendly housing.

Africa is a popular tourist destination with diverse attractions and will attract an increasing number of tourists as perceptions of risk and poor quality improve. Niche property developments like boutique hotels, eco-lodges, and safari camps are set to capitalize on the continent’s burgeoning tourism potential. Although gains have been made, Africa still needs improved and additional infrastructure development, including, not only tourism but transportation, energy, and housing. Specialist property developers have opportunities to build this critical infrastructure in partnership with private investors and governments.

Africa is not immune to the global awareness of environmental issues which creates a demand for sustainable and eco-friendly property development. Africa’s unique ecosystems and wildlife make it an ideal location for eco-friendly real estate projects, including wildlife reserves, sustainable farming communities, and eco-villages. Preservation of Africa’s rich cultural heritage forms part of this, and there are opportunities for property developers in heritage preservation. This includes including the adaptive reuse of historic buildings by converting them into museums, cultural centres, or boutique hotels.

Specialists Development in Africa Leap-Frogging the Analogue Age

Africa offers a unique opportunity for specialists development in Africa in the technology and digitization arena. Being late adopters allows Africa to go directly to the latest digital technologies without having had to invest in their analogue predecessors. As technology adoption gains traction in Africa, there is a need for specialized property developments like data centres, server farms, technology parks, and innovation centres. With digital technology comes the growth of e-commerce and intra-African trade, creating demand for specialized logistics and warehousing facilities to support new supply chains.

A shortage of affordable housing presents an opportunity for specialists development in Africa where developers can focus on creating innovative, state-of-the-art, low-cost housing using leading-edge design and materials. With Africa’s abundant renewable energy resources, sustainable energy projects can be built to provide residents with clean, low-cost energy. Specialized property developers can invest in solar farms, wind energy projects, and other clean energy initiatives.

Get High Returns with Low Risk from an Award-winning African Developer

GREA was founded to address the demand from multinational companies for quality property developments on the African continent. A lack of experienced developers able to fulfil this requirement, to the high standards required, provided an opportunity for the creation of GREA.

GREA  has an established reputation for delivering premium quality, turn-key, construction solutions including modern, state-of-the-art specialists development in Africa. We consistently provide select investors with high-yielding, US-dollar-denominated, property investments. We provide properties that appeal to socially conscious investors who are interested in not only good financial returns but also want positive societal outcomes. To participate in rewarding specialists development in Africa, contact us today.

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