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Opportunities for Commercial Real Estate Investing in Africa

With many commercial real estate investing opportunities in Africa in which multinational firms and retail groups can expand their operations to the continent, the demand for experienced property developers is also on the rise. GREA Africa provides these much-needed development services, providing investors with direct exposure to superb US currency-based rental income from commercial offices, corporate accommodation assets and retail centres.

GREA has a proven track record of successfully completing real estate development projects in addition to an equally impressive range of projects in which the company has been involved. This serves as proof of the expertise and credibility offered, and its position as a preferred development and construction service provider to large multinationals looking to expand their African footprint.

Countries where GREA is active and where commercial real estate investing opportunities exist, range from Ghana in the western parts of Africa to Botswana and Mozambique in the southern parts of the continent and Kenya and Ethiopia in the east as well as Mauritius. Two examples of projects where multinational firms have made use of the commercial real estate investing and development expertise of GREA are briefly discussed below.

projects adumuah place

Adumuah Place in Ghana

Ghana is a relatively stable country with many opportunities still to be realised in terms of development. Although the global COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent restrictions on movement has had a negative effect on the country’s economy, Ghana has shown remarkable resilience. This is also why commercial developments like Adumuah Place have gained traction.

Adumuah Place is GREA Africa’s first development in Ghana. GREA, along with Rendeavour, have developed the impressive three-storey office and retail complex to house multinational enterprises and retailers along with businesses from Ghana.

Appolonia City is the largest anchor tenant, which gives this property a superb income-generating capacity. With a GBA of 2 414 sqm and GLA of 1 996 sqm, the centre has enough space for several retailers, including supermarkets, restaurants and financial institutions along with office tenants. The development also includes 85 secured parking spaces. Its location gives the precinct adequate access to landmarks and businesses within the Greater Accra.

The Precinct in Mauritius

The Precinct counts among GREA Africa’s flagship developments and will soon become the head offices of Grit Real Estate Income Group Ltd and Dentons on completion. Located in Grand Baie, the development has a GBA of 12 469 sqm and GLA of 10 066 sqm. It includes 241 parking bays and boasts an efficiency factor of 80%. The office complex forms part of a larger development and will on completion be a landmark development that will provide a sustainable workplace setting. With several sustainability features, the development is aligned with the international trend towards green building designs.

The location gives the complex excellent exposure to the M2 while tenants will enjoy optimal security for a safe work environment. Amenities in the complex are on par with what international firms expect to see in premium developments, which add to the attractiveness of the complex. View more details on The Precinct here.

To conclude

Multinational firms wanting to take hold of commercial real estate investing opportunities are invited to reach out to GREA Africa for more information about the development and construction services offered.

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