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The Potential of Commercial Real Estate Investments: How GREA Helps

The African continent is one of the least developed in the world. Because of this, it offers investors superb opportunities to benefit from commercial real estate investments as opposed to Europe, Asia, and the US where competition is exceptionally fierce.

Gateway Real Estate Africa (GREA) plays a vitally important role in developing properties in growing nodes throughout the continent that offer a relatively high, sustainable return.

Interested in optimising the potential of developing properties on the continent?

Read on to learn more about the firm’s role in helping investors and developers optimise their return on investment (ROI) from establishing a presence on the African continent.

Commercial Real Estate InvestmentsWho is GREA?

Domiciled in Mauritius, GREA is a subsidiary of London listed Grit Real Estate Income Group, mandated to develop and manage a portfolio of properties in different real estate classes throughout Africa. It has an extensive pipeline of fully funded projects on behalf of multi-national tenants.

What is the firm’s role in Africa?

GREA stays true to the Group’s original mission and vision statements, helping clients achieve an above average, hard currency return on their commercial real estate investments on the African continent. The company helps investors in the following ways:

  • Partner with qualified investors and multinational corporations to ensure optimal return on investment (ROI) on property developments throughout Africa.
  • Help investors achieve long-term capital growth by investing in high-return commercial real estate developments across the continent with the exclusion of South Africa.
  • Grow the firm’s property assets to make quality lease solutions possible.
  • Participate in social infrastructure developments related to healthcare, education and corporate accommodation on the African continent.

GREA offers client companies the opportunity to gain a strategic partner for the planning and development of commercial properties such as data centres, healthcare centres, commercial offices, corporate accommodation and retail centres in selected African countries. These properties can also be rented out to prime tenants.

The Group has developed solid business partnerships with developers for access to local expertise for the benefit of investors. Firms wanting to expand their property portfolio or their brand presence in Africa benefit from using local expertise. This saves them on construction, surveying, architectural, and labour expenses and fulfils a social contract by reinvesting back into the community through skills transfer and local procurement and employment.

GREA also assists developers through equity investments, ensuring funding is available to complete the projects. In addition, the Group helps developers get better access to international expertise and best practice.

Furthermore, GREA helps developers to gain access to funding, qualified multinational tenants for their properties, and debt capital markets.

Investors and developers benefit from the Group’s expertise in opportunity identification, project management, and cost control. With these services, the Group sets the scene for a solid ROI on commercial real estate investments throughout Africa.

How developers benefit

The turnkey solutions benefit developers in terms of time savings, avoidance of construction mistakes, compliance with building and development regulations, and improvement in the profitability of projects.

How investors benefit

Investors benefit from access to stable and high return anchor tenants, which add an aspect of stability and security to their commercial real estate investments.

Interested in commercial real estate investments in Africa?

Qualified investors and multinational corporations wanting to build a presence in Africa can reach out to GREA to discuss the many opportunities on offer. Also, reach out for more information on how we help firms optimise ROI through stable and secure income from multinational tenants. Call +230 260 0524 or email us at for more information.

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