Development of Commercial Real Estate

Development of Commercial Real Estate on the African Continent

Africa has long been a continent plagued by economic, political and social conflicts, but over the past two decades stability has been gained in many countries. With the largely untapped markets offered across several countries, investors and developers have many opportunities for the development of commercial real estate on the African continent.

As more and more global companies look toward expanding their footprint to the African continent, the demand for prime commercial real estate increases. However, such office space is still limited, which opens opportunities for developments to cater to the office needs of multinational firms.

That said, the development of commercial real estate on the African continent doesn’t come without challenges. Road and rail infrastructure is still limited, which can make it difficult to get essential building materials to the sites. In addition, the developer must have in-depth knowledge of the particular country’s building regulations while on the investment front, companies need to identify areas where the demand for offices is high.

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Who to partner with for the development of commercial real estate on the African continent?

Gateway Real Estate Africa (GREA) is a private real estate company development firm that specialises in constructing offices, corporate accommodation, industrial and retail properties for multinational firms in countries ranging from Kenya to Nigeria, Mozambique and Mauritius, to name only a few.

GREA has a proven track record of such construction and upgrade projects, two of which are detailed below.

Adumah Place in Accra, Ghana

Adumah Place is an A-grade commercial complex in Accra. The project provides for commercial and retail space with a GLA of 1 996 m², a GBA of 2 414 m² on a site of 4 047 m². The complex has 85 secured parking bays and boasts an 82% efficiency rate. Development started in June 2021.

The complex consists of three storeys in which international and Ghana-based companies have offices. Appolonia City’s head and sales office is also in the complex, giving it a stable anchor tenant. Retail shops are housed on the first floor, comprising pharmacies, hairstylists, financial services, restaurants, and more. With the offices located at the top level, retailers benefit from the foot traffic generated from tenant firms as well. The state-of-the-art complex is located in the fast-growing and economically stable Appolonia City, just outside Accra, within a short driving distance from important business points.

The Precinct in Grand Baie, Mauritius

The corporate head offices of Grit Real Estate Income Group and Dentons are housed in the prestigious commercial complex. It is built on a site covering 35 931 m² and has a GBA of 12 469 m², and a GLA of 10 066 m². The Precinct project commenced in June 2021 with the complex efficiency rate of 80%. A total of 241 parking spaces are offered.

It is a landmark development in Mauritius and with its location close to the M2 motorway, it also boasts easy accessibility. The property will form part of a larger property development in a lush green setting. It offers office space for small and large companies.

These are only two of the many projects which the company has overseen. Reach out to discuss your firm’s requirements for the development of commercial real estate on the African continent.

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