Healthcare Developments in Africa

Healthcare Developments in Africa: State-of-the-Art Medical Facilities in Mauritius

There is a demand for premier healthcare developments in Africa, as the lack of quality medical care is all too visible throughout the continent. Two children die from Malaria every 60 seconds, HIV is prevalent, and COVID-19 has taken its toll over the past two years, all contributing to high demand for specialised and general medical care facilities.

The lack of quality care centres to cater to the health needs of the upcoming middle classes in many countries, as well as the medical treatment needs of foreign business executives residing and working in selected countries must also be met.

To this end, GREA has been involved in two healthcare developments in Mauritius, being a specialist oncology centre in Coromandel and a private healthcare facility in Curepipe.

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The Artemis Coromandel Hospital by Falcon Healthcare Group can be counted among flagship healthcare developments with its state-of-the-art facilities and services focused on specialised cancer treatments.

The second hospital, Artemis Curepipe Hospital by Falcon Healthcare Group is a further healthcare development in Mauritius to address the shortage of quality medical services and treatments on the continent. Its location gives tourists, business executives and property owners much-needed access to essential and advanced medical services.

The Artemis Curepipe Hospital by Falcon Healthcare Group development site area covers 3,134m², with the project having a GBA of 8,879m² and GLA of 5,368m². The building is set to have an efficiency ratio of 60% with 85 parking spaces planned. The expected completion date is early 2023. The private medical facility will, upon completion, offer in the vicinity of 68 beds. The development will act as a support facility and operate alongside Coromandel Hospital which is focused on oncology services as well. Mauritian-based Falcon Healthcare Group Ltd (previously known as Polyclinique de L’Ouest Ltée) has signed an operations and management agreement with Artemis Medicare Services Ltd, a well-established and recognised company in India, to operate both hospitals.

As reported in Engineering News (01 December 2021), GREA is the lead investor and developer of both the Coromandel and Curepipe hospitals with a total investment value of about $54-million. The developments are to be co-promoted by London- and Mauritius-listed Grit Real Estate Income Group, which holds optionality to deploy funds into both projects.

Both developments will bring much-needed specialised oncology care to Mauritius. PolyClinique De L’Ouest Ltée (PDL) will lease the medical buildings from GREA upon completion.

The aim is to position Mauritius as a world-class private oncology care destination. In May 2021, there was still only one oncology and radiology facility on the island. According to an article in Medical Brief, cancer-related deaths rank as the third leading cause of death on the island. These medical developments will bring about specialised medical care offerings to Mauritius.

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