Invest in Retail Property Developments across Africa

Top Reasons to Invest in Retail Property Developments Across Africa

Global companies looking for opportunities to invest in retail property developments across Africa, can depend on GREA for managing construction projects and the successful completion thereof. The company offers opportunities for stable and growing income-generating potential from large multinational anchor tenants. With excellent return on investment (ROI) opportunities, companies have every reason to partner with GREA to develop shopping centres across the continent.

Commercial Real Estate InvestmentsWhy invest in retail property developments across Africa?

Africa is a largely untapped continent. At the same time, the race is on to develop prime real estate in selected countries. With a fast-growing urban population profile, of which many of the shoppers are young and upcoming professionals, the buying power is increasing.

Many multinational corporations are also looking toward finding office space in growing cities. With such, more buying power and more high-tech endeavours are coming to the continent. Together with this, comes the demand for safe, high-end shopping spaces. Retailers are looking for space in modern shopping malls. Developers can thus expect high occupancy rates for their retail property developments across the continent.

Countries that have gained the interest of international companies range from Kenya to Angola, Egypt, Ghana, Morocco, Mauritius, Nigeria, and Mozambique to name a few. Prime office and retail space is still limited while the demand for such is rising.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is involved in various projects and funding across the continent, which adds to increasing economic stability in selected countries. The WEF has also mentioned the digital transformation of Africa as one of the reasons for economic growth and the potential for solid ROI from developments in African countries. Furthermore, the WEF mentions that over 50% of the continent’s population will be urbanised by 2050. These urban dwellers need places to shop, and with many of the young and upcoming people also now being economically active, they’re looking towards a wider range of products than just the basic necessities.

It should be noted that although large format, enclosed shopping centres across most of the continent have been facing structural and cyclical shifts which were exacerbated by Covid-19, community and rural centres anchored by tenants offering non-discretionary items and services such as food and banking have been outperforming.

According to the WEF, certain challenges remain, but investors can also see these as opportunities for property and infrastructure developments. These include road, rail, and air infrastructure, harbours, and transportation. There is also a need for improved credit and risk information data centres. Companies able to fill this gap will be able to reap the economic return benefits.

Interested parties should take note of the Continental Free Trade Area that involves more than fifty nations. With this in place, companies willing to take the bold step towards establishing manufacturing and wholesale properties on the continent, will contribute to the continent’s growth while reaping the financial benefits of being among the first.

Where to find more information on investment opportunities in retail property developments

It’s true that the continent still has a few challenges. Among these is the lack of infrastructure, in addition to the lack of a skilled workforce. Working with a firm that has a proven track record in the construction of retail property developments across the continent, helps investors to mitigate these risks. GREA fits the profile for development expertise and investment opportunities. Reach out to discuss potential partnerships and find out more about the development opportunities that await.

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