Private Real Estate Development Company

Private Real Estate Development Company for Construction and Investment Projects in Africa

Gateway Real Estate Africa (GREA) is a company that offers a range of bespoke construction services for multi-national and international firms to meet their commercial, industrial and corporate accommodation real estate development needs on the continent.

Private Real Estate Development Company

What sets GREA apart as a private real estate development company is its focus on high-yielding construction projects with USD-based tenant agreements that offer clients the opportunity to generate substantial rental income streams.

The private real estate development company was started by Bronwyn Knight and Greg Pearson, both founding members of Grit Real Estate Investment Group, the largest pan-African group of its kind to be listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange and the Stock Exchange of Mauritius. Grit has direct investments in 24 assets across five asset classes in no fewer than eight African countries, with the exclusion of South Africa.

GREA provides construction and property development solutions for firms across various sectors. The company has completed numerous large construction projects and is invested in or working on selected projects for client companies in the following property classes:

  • Healthcare – Coromandel Hospital, Mauritius
  • Specialists – Africa Data Centres LOS1.1, Nigeria
  • Industrial – Bollore Logistics Warehouse and Halliburton, Mozambique
  • Retail – AnfaPlace Mall, Morocco and Metroplex Shopping Centre, Uganda
  • Corporate Accommodation – Acacia Estate, Mozambique; Elevation Diplomatic Residences, Ethiopia; and Rosslyn Grove, Kenya
  • Commercial – Adumah Place, Ghana and The Precinct, Mauritius

Examples of countries where GREA are actively involved or have completed projects in the past include, but are not limited to:

  • Morocco
  • Uganda
  • Nigeria
  • Ghana
  • Ethiopia
  • Kenya
  • Mozambique
  • Mauritius

Comprehensive portfolio of successful projects

With various multi-million USD projects successfully completed, GREA has an extensive portfolio that showcases the company’s extensive experience, expertise and successes. The company is well-positioned to fill the gap in the expert real estate development market on behalf of multi-national firms wanting to expand their footprint to the African continent.

Why invest in properties throughout Africa?

The African continent is still mostly untapped in terms of commercial, retail, industrial property and specialist developments and investment returns. There are several drivers that offer exciting opportunities.

These drivers include:

  • The largely young population of the continent
  • Rapid urbanisation across Africa
  • Emerging economies
  • Technology advancements in real estate
  • Private capital plays an integral role in growing the sector
  • Continued industrialisation
  • Shortages in infrastructure provide for construction and development opportunities.
  • Limited supply for commercial and industrial space, giving rise to competition for these spaces and, therefore, a growing multi-national tenant market with subsequent high returns on property development.

No project is too big or challenging

GREA offers the expertise, resources and project management services to help international or multinational corporations construct commercial, industrial or retail properties in selected cities throughout Africa. A range of their completed projects and insights regarding the extent of their services and projects are available at

Interested in expanding your company’s footprint to Africa?

Reach out for more information about GREA’s private real estate development services and learn how they can help your firm achieve the best possible outcome. Connect with GREA at +230 260 0524 or via email:

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