Property Development in Africa – What’s Required for Success

Property development in Africa is an intricate and multifaceted process that covers numerous stages and many facets, from initial conceptualization to ultimate delivery of a functional facility. It demands a diverse array of skills, knowledge, and expertise. Country and regional experience is key to effectively orchestrating the planning, design, financing, and construction of a premier African investment property.

Property development in Africa encompasses a broad spectrum of disciplines, including but not limited to architecture, urban planning, finance, law, engineering, environmental sciences, and construction management. Each of these fields demands technical proficiencies and unique insights that are crucial to the successful execution of a project. The collaboration of a seasoned professional team is needed to realize the ultimate vision of the developer and provide high-return investment opportunities.

The Companies Driving Property Development in Africa

Visionary property developers in Africa are driving job creation and economic development in Africa. Pioneering developers are reshaping African landscapes and communities one project at a time. From bustling urban centres to tranquil rural settings, the leading companies involved with property development in Africa are harnessing innovation, sustainability, and local expertise to realize ambitious development visions. Each successful development showcases the resilience and ingenuity required to thrive in diverse, sometimes difficult, real estate markets.

Creating iconic skyscrapers, vibrant mixed-use developments, and transformative urban regeneration projects are the companies leading property development in Africa. These companies are leaving an indelible mark on the African-built environment.

Engage with Specialists in Premium Property Development in Africa

GREA is a premier private real estate development firm specializing in the construction of turnkey developments tailored for multinational corporations and retailers seeking to expand their footprint across the African continent. Catering to select, qualifying, investors, GREA offers a gateway to direct exposure in the African real estate market, boasting high-yielding US-dollar-denominated rental income stream investments promising strong growth prospects. Assets in strategic African hubs are predominantly owner-developed or custom-built to accommodate international enterprises.

The vision for bespoke turnkey developments in select African nations was born out of the foresight of Greg Pearson and Bronwyn Knight, the founding members of Grit Real Estate Investment Group (Grit). Established in 2014, Grit stands as the largest pan-African real estate income group listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange and the Stock Exchange of Mauritius. Presently, Grit’s operational footprint spans seven countries, with direct investments spanning five asset classes and a portfolio comprising assets valued at approximately USD 800 million.

In recognition of the substantial demand from multinational corporations looking for top-tier real estate solutions across the African continent and the relative scarcity of seasoned developers to meet the demand, Gateway Real Estate Africa (GREA) was established. Positioned as a private real estate development entity with a robust and enduring capital structure domiciled in Mauritius, GREA holds a CategoryIGlobal Business License. GREA is committed to developing and investing across various real estate classes in African countries.

Peer Recognized as Visionaries in Property Development in Africa

GREA, the development arm of GRIT, has a long and distinguished track record of providing successful premium-grade investment real estate in Africa. We have a substantial portfolio of modern developments that are ESG-compliant and sustainable. The development of Adumuah Place in Ghana is a prime example of the successful commercial property developments that GREA delivers.

We have been recognized by the African real estate market and are an award-winning developer with a substantial portfolio of successful projects. Our successful developments bear testimony to our expertise and capability in African real estate. Interested in property development in Africa? Contact us today.

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