Partner with a Leader in Prime Real Estate Development in Africa

Partner with a Leader in Prime Real Estate Development in Africa

Investors looking for high-income rental opportunities from prime properties outside the USA, Asia and Europe can benefit from new real estate development in Africa. Multinational companies and international retailers who want to venture into specialist and industrial property opportunities on the continent also benefit from partnering with a leading property investment, design, and construction firm.

Gateway Real Estate Africa (GREA) meets the profile, giving qualifying investors the opportunity to earn an above-average income yield from building a brick-and-mortar presence in countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Mauritius and Mozambique, to name only a few.

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The continent’s potential is largely untapped in terms of commercial, industrial and specialist real estate development and investment opportunities such as healthcare, logistics, corporate accommodation and data centres. With the market wide open, international investors can increase their earnings through direct exposure to these asset classes, underpinned by long-term, hard-currency leases with blue-chip counterparties.

Partnering with a real estate development firm with a proven track record of delivering high-yield projects in Africa gives investors a competitive edge. The firm already has deployed US$400 million in development capital across eight selected countries and has the professional design, investment and construction expertise to develop projects that are 100% aligned with its clients’ vision.

Examples of Industrial Real Estate Development in Africa

Prime examples of sustainable and profitable industrial real estate refurbishment and developments undertaken by GREA are:

Renovation of a Prime Industrial Property in Mozambique

The Bollore Logistics Warehouse in Pemba is an example of how refurbishment can transform an existing space into a highly functional property to meet client needs. Bollore Transport & Logistics is the current anchor tenant. Comprehensive changes are in the pipeline to ensure the facility requirements of the tenant can be met. The facility expansion from 4,817 m2 to 7,486 m2 forms part of the refurbishment project. Completion is set for the last quarter of 2021.

Liquid Mud Plant Project in Mozambique

GREA completed the infrastructure of the Halliburton Liquid Mud Plant Facility in the first quarter of 2019. With its location on the beachfront, the plant has immediate access to a floating rig, essential for its operations. Halliburton is a leading oil and gas services company.

Example of a Specialist Real Estate Development in Africa

A prime example of GREA’s design, project management and construction expertise is the first phase of a Tier III data centre facility located in Nigeria. This 5 megawatt data facility for Africa Data Centres (ADC) will be stationed in Eko Atlantic City within Lagos. The data centre will house two modular data halls and a range of commercial office spaces. The ground level will include a drop-off area, security facilities, parking, offices, reception area and ablutions. The ground and first floors will feature modular halls while the roof area will feature space for generators and air-conditioning units. In addition to the mentioned areas, the facility will comprise external areas consisting of two levels where ground-floor circulation and loading will take place. At the end of the day, the total IT capacity will reach 5 MW. The construction of the first phase commenced early in 2021.

Final Thoughts on Opportunities for Real Estate Development

Investors looking for prime income growth opportunities and companies eager to establish their presence in major growth nodes on the continent benefit from GREA’s expertise in real estate development. Reach out to discuss investment or your firm’s commercial, industrial, specialist and retail needs across the continent.

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